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Winter - 2024

Winter Release (2024)

Take a flavor journey perfectly tuned to your current tastebud favorites. This Wine Cult release is filled with four of our sommelier's go-to wines of the moment. Each one was hand-picked by Brent while he mused over recent adventures in Austria's vineyards and reflected on the warmth of Vienna. Make plans to get cozy with yours ASAP!

Every Wine Has a Story to Tell

A natural companion to our beloved Sahale Sauvignon Blanc

Hailing from a middle-of-nowhere location (aka an isolated, south-facing plateau called Wahluke Slope) this is a wine you’ll want to steal away with, stat. The climate gives it intense aroma and flavors and that *just right* natural acidity required for a top-tier riesling. Bright and refreshing, it’s ideal to pair with your most soul-warming winter soups or when you’re in the mood for anything Asian.


Lemon, Lime, Apple, Beeswax, Petrol, Honeysuckle


Have an armchair adventure with a travel show—then book your tix for your next escapade.

A fresh, flavorful and food-friendly red wine

Our superstar somm Brent nabbed this one as a Culties-only exclusive, so settle in for a special mid-winter’s sip. A pleasure wine through and through, you’ll see a deep red, violet-tinged hue before you feel its juicy, succulent tapdance on your tastebuds. Fruit-forward with plenty of spice, this stainless-steel fermented wine works wonders with pasta or platters of cold cuts.


Plum, Tangerine Peel, Tapenade, White Pepper, Aniseed


Host a potluck tapas party and trade crazy travel stories while you plate up.

An impressive white wine with an international twist

Impressive but approachable. That’s the gist of this stainless-steel fermented wine, a blend of two of Piedmont’s most celebrated native grapes (Arneis and Cortese) and a classic Chardonnay for some international mojo. Complex, elegant, and vibrant—you’ll catch a tailwind of long, crisp acidity after each sip. Pour it when you’re serving white fish, chicken or a sprinkle of feta—or use it to class up any dinner that comes with fries on the side.


Fresh floral, Citrus, Green Apple, Melon, Almond


Pack a bottle and a blanket and seek out a Piedmont-esque vista.

The Frenchy American

American wine, but with all the French feels. Set to rival the brightest of Bordeaux and Burgundy, this Central Coast stunner is 90% Merlot and 10% Petite Syrah, Malbec, and Petite Verdot. Smooth, elegantly balanced, and packed with juicy and creamy notes, this is a glass that reveals itself as you go—so sip slowly and savor, friends.


Red Cherry, Plum, Vanilla, Caramel, White Pepper, Cardamom, Graphite


Cozy up with your crew or S.O. and play one of those getting-to-know-you card games.