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Wine Cult

Stylized animated .gif of a dripping wine bottle

A Wine Club That's Kind of a Cult

When a community starts forming around something, there’s usually a pretty good reason why. Over 20 years ago, we started searching for the very best winemakers – from diehard traditionalists to inventive iconoclasts. All for the sole purpose of bringing the most delicious, palate-pleasing wines to our favorite people. As word got out and corks began to pop, we realized something real was growing—a collective of enthusiasts who wanted nothing more than good glasses, good vibes, and even better friendships. So we called it Postino Wine Cult. And haven’t stopped pouring since.

Photo collage of Brent Karlicek, including a Polaroid photo and illustration of Brent, and a bottle of wine

The Chosen Somm, Brent Karlicek

When a young Brent Karlicek started working summers in California’s wine country, he was a perfectly normal guy from Boston. By the time he left, he had grapes for eyeballs and Cabernet Sauvignon flowing through his veins. It was then that he decided to dedicate his life to a higher standard of winery. Now sitting for his Master Sommelier destination, he works with the top wine producers in the world and samples around 2,500 wines per year – obsessing over custom blends and delivering the most dynamic and supremely delicious wines to all that walk through Postino’s doors.

Are You Ready to Be a Cult Member?