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Spring - 2024

Spring Release (2024)

Move over Summer of Love. With this release, Spring of Love 2024 is in the house. We handpicked four bottles that are not only delicious, but also align with philosophies that are giving Haight-Ashbury, 1967. Each bottle embodies the kind of harmony, collaboration, and eco-minded thinking that are forging a new era in winemaking. Ready for a taste?

Every Wine Has a Story to Tell

Pinto Pais

Maule, Chile • 2022

Hailing from the granitic sandy loam of coastal mountains in Huerta de Maule, Chile, this wine is an explosion of bright cherry color and juicy, fresh, and light aromas: think fruity strawberry and sour cherry with a hint of dry herbs to bring it back down to earth. This harvest was handpicked and the result is an honest wine that’s an homage to tastes from the past. 

What to eat: Pair your Pais with fish and pasta, or roll it out as an aperitif.

What to tune in to: “Get Together” by The Youngbloods will be the anthem of your next lowkey potluck party. 

Una Mas Vermentino

Clement Hills, California • 2023

This Lodi-harvested wine is California in a bottle, full of citrus and fresh air. While Vermentino is often compared to Sauv Blanc (and is actually a light white that’s an Italy OG), you’ll uncork this easy-drinker to find it’s bright, refreshing, and full of herbal savoriness. After a stop in a stainless steel tank and with grapes certified organic by CCOF, this wine will make you a believer in Folk Machine’s philosophy of “unforced winemaking.”

What to eat: Una Mas is a star with seafood, light/rustic soft cheese, and dishes with fresh herb flavors. 

What to tune in to: Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart” will be the perfect shout-out to your new favorite sip.

Ebbio Sparkling Rose

Rivergaro, Italy • NV

Meet the hero of your next charcuterie-centric picnic. The Pinot Nero grapes bring aromas that are both delicate and intense with a bold, piercing strawberry note and a smooth taste that balances acidity and saltiness. The winemakers took their time with this one, following a long Charmat process (a minimum six-month method to capture fermentation’s carbonation), leading to an exceptionally unique wine.

What to eat: The aforementioned charcuterie is always 100%, but this wine plays especially nice with white meats, fish soups, and appetizers, too. 

What to tune in to: Take a sip and then feed your head with “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane.

Bela Tempranillo

Ribera del Duero, Spain • 2022

Straight from the river-flanking Ribera del Duero (one of Spain’s go-to wine regions), this Tempranillo was aged for nine months in French oak and features a high-intensity, cherry-red color with pops of purple. Expect aromatic complexity, where red fruits like currant and raspberry mingle with floral notes, sweet spices, and warm vanilla and clove nuances that linger from time in the barrel.

What to eat: Tempranillo is easy to pair with almost anything, but is a knockout with saucy Italian dishes, spring’s first barbeque, or anything Mexican. 

What to tune in to: Get lost in the amethyst-hued borders of your glass with The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s “Purple Haze” playing.

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