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Over the past twenty years, we’ve been committed to delivering our Guests with the most delicious, approachable wines. It’s been a colorful journey, jam-packed with exploring the globe and building relationships with the most passionate winemakers in the industry – both diehard traditionalists and pioneers. We can’t count the late nights spent tasting, jotting down notes, and orchestrating wine menus that (admittedly) make us nerd out with excitement. Our obsession with seeking the most palate-pleasing wine coupled with our simple mission to make people feel good inspired us to create Wine Cult, our counterculture wine club designed to hook you up with tasty wine and buzz-worthy experiences beyond our four walls.

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Choose between a membership for $60 per quarter or an annual membership for $220 per year (save $20).

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Get a lineup of 4 hand-picked wines (a mix of our favorite red and whites) every quarter, complete with educational and mind-expanding content.

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Being a Member has perks. Lookout for a sign-up gift, monthly hookups, discounts off our Bottle Collection to-go, members-only offers through our Postino Wine Cult app, and more.

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As a Member, you’ll also get exclusive invites to one-of-a-kind events, Wine Cult merch, access to limited small batch wines, and a litany of other fun things we come up with.

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Our spring release embodies a spirit of art. Not the one in the stuff behind bulletproof boxes or velvet ropes, though. The spirit we’re talking about is raw. Accessible. Scrappy. Everyman but extraordinary. Not afraid to show up anywhere and be anything. (As long as it’s true to itself.) It’s a little punk rock, really—stripped down, informal, driven by passion and purpose. It’s loud. It’s all about making you feel something. Hear something. Do something. 

Through the years, Postino has always partnered with artists who embody all that in their work. With this box, we’re celebrating the unique creativity and spirit behind our collaborations. We hope these bottle inspire you to “do you” the same way. 

Learn about the wines in your Cult Box and discover other exclusive content inside the Vino Vortex.


curated by our advanced somm, Brent Karlicek

Brent Karlicek, known as “BK” among the Postino family, is our Beverage Director and Advanced Sommelier that’s behind every wine that’s poured at Postino.

He tastes around 2,500 wines per year, works with over 85 wine producers across the globe, collaborates with boutique wineries on custom blends – all in pursuit
of delivering the most dynamic wines to our tables.

Brent Karlicek's background

A lifelong oenophile and Advanced Sommelier, BK honed his passion for wine while working summers in Santa Barbara and California’s wine country before moving to Arizona and partnering with us to disrupt the way people think about wine.

delicious-factor philosophy

BK’s approach is always “finding the perfect wine”, that embraces equal parts approachable and adventurous. It’s a balance of natural wine making principles while retaining the delicious factor – all of the good stuff, none of the bad.

shaping wine cult

Wine Cult Members have the opportunity to enjoy wines hand-picked by BK, often before they hit Postino menus. He’s working his magic to deliver the best of the best, imparting his wine wisdom and telling the richer story behind each wine, the culture and all that compliments it.

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Learn about the wines in your cult box and snag downloadable goodness inside the Vino Vortex.
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faq's, terms and condition & the legal juice

A quarterly membership costs $60/quarter plus tax. You will receive one Cult Box per quarter and be billed automatically the first of the quarter. Tax will be based on the geographic location of Your Postino. You will be charged on the 1st day of each quarter that you are a member. Specifically, credit cards will be charged on the 1st of January, April, July, and October.

You can pick up your first Cult Box at Your Postino following your first membership charge. You’ll receive an email when your Cult Box is ready for pick up.

You will need to pick up your Cult Box from Your Postino. When picking up, members will need to provide their first and last name, phone number, email address, and/or member number to a Postino team member and redeem their Cult Box.

Annual members will be charged $220 plus tax for their subscription. You will be charged at the first of the quarter following your sign up. Tax will be based on the geographic location of Your Postino. Subsequent charges will occur on a year (365 days) following your first charge.