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Winter 2023

Liquid Mixtape

Before social media and before streaming, music was purchased and disseminated by DJs on the radio and on the dance floor. A mixtape meant taking what you’d heard and sharing it with someone, communicating the things we can’t seem to say... but the songs can.

Much like a bottle of wine shared between two souls, a mixtape can anchor you in a moment in time – A sensory experience that has the power to teleport you to another time, conjure visceral emotions, and recall once-distant memories.

Every Wine Has a Story to Tell

California Rosé

You know how time flies when you find your groove doing somethingenjoyable? That’s called Flow State, and it’s an idea that found its way into thisremarkably delicious Rosé. A Provence-inspired blend that pulls in grapes fromvineyards across California, it portrays all the climactic and geological diversitythis state has to offer.

An Upward Projects Exclusive Collaboration with Valkyrie Selections

POSTINO PAIRINGThe Bounty, Crispy Cauliflower, or West Coaster PaniniALT BITESNicoise Salad or Seared Ahi with Provencal Olive Tapenade

TASTING NOTESCherry Blossom, Strawberry, Blood Orange, Watermelon and Hibiscus

Washington Cabernet Sauvignon

When it comes to this decadent but structured cab sauv, think minimal interventions, native yeast fermentation, and a sustainable farming method. Grapes hail from the north-facing slopes of the Goose Gap and Royal Slope AVAs, putting a cooler climate twist on Columbia Valley fruit. Each varietal was fermented whole berry for lifted floral and fruit complexity.

POSTINO PAIRINGSkewers, Chef’s Charcuterie, or Nine Iron PaniniALT BITESCarne Asada Tacos

TASTING NOTESViolet, Blackberry, Cassis, Tobacco, and Forest Floor

Santa Barbara Pinot Noir

All the fruit in this velvety bottle of Pinot Noir was grown in Santa Barbara County (the name ‘Fire Moon’ comes from those famously dramatic coastal sunsets) but almost half comes from a pretty prestigious sub-appellation: Santa Maria Valley. That’s special because it’s where the east-west orientation lets chilly winds and fog from the Pacific flow freely through the vineyards.

POSTINO PAIRINGMaitake Mushroom, Sweet Potato Wedges, Nick’s BoardALT BITESCreamy Pasta with Crispy Mushrooms

TASTING NOTESPomegranate, Cherry, Plum, Mulling Spice, and Toasted Vanilla

California Albariño

Imagine the vivid psychedelic florals and rock posters created by Spanish-born artist Victor Moscoso, who landed in San Francisco at the height of the Haight counterculture. That work was the inspiration behind our label. Sourced from the well-draining alluvial gravel and loam soils of Cali’s Lodi region, its flavors are amped up thanks to the freshness and length-enhancing cooler elevations. Upward Projects Exclusive Collaboration with Folk Machine.

POSTINO PAIRINGShrimp Scampi, Smoked Salmon, or Tuscan Tuna PaniniALT BITESGrilled Octopus With Patatas Con Pimenton or Gambas Al Ajillo

TASTING NOTESCitrus Blossom, Grapefruit, White Peach, Pineapple, and Wet Stone