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Spring 2023

Color Riot

There’s a spirit in art. Not the one in the stuff behind bulletproof boxes or velvet ropes, though. The spirit we’re talking about is raw. Accessible. Scrappy. Everyman but extraordinary. Not afraid to show up anywhere and be anything. (As long as it’s true to itself.) It’s a little punk rock, really—stripped down, informal, driven by passion and purpose. It’s loud. It’s all about making you feel something. Hear something. Do something. 

Through the years, Postino has always partnered with artists who embody all that in their work. With this box, we’re celebrating the unique creativity and spirit behind our collaborations. We hope these bottles will inspire you to “do you” the same way.

Every Wine Has a Story to Tell

Das Gute Gruner Veltliner

2021 Gruner Veltliner Kremstal, Austria

Picasso once said that every good painter paints what he is. And that’s the translation of this wine—it’s all good. This Gruner Veltliner expresses itself as a peppery, energetic, thirst-quenching sip. Your perfect sidekick for an evening spent plugging into your own personal creative outlet. 

Das Gute grapes are cultivated among wind-blown silt soil on steep loess terraces, nestled between the rivers Danube and Krems, which store heat from the day only to release it back to the vines at night. The result? Uniquely vivid, fruity, fresh flavors. Stainless steel fermentation keeps things electric and packed with crunch when you uncork.  Upward Projects exclusive collaboration with Weingut Berger. Weingut Berger is certified Fair ‘N Green: farmed to the latest organic guidelines and biodiverse with drastically reduced CO2 emissions. 

Tasting Notes

Green Apple, Anjou Pear, Lime Zest, White Pepper, and Wet Stone

Cook at Home

Grilled Artichokes with Lemon, Chicken Katsu

Pair with Postino

The Bounty, Warm Artichoke Bruschetta, Vegetarian Panini

Listen to This

“Last Hour (Just Piano Version)” by FKJ

Inspire your Inner Creative

Sip while you vision board the setup of your spring-summer garden


2021 Rosé of Cinsault Pays d’Oc, France

This lip-smacking, soul-satisfying wine needed a label that did it justice. So we collaborated with up-and-coming Phoenix artist Gino Belassen to dream one up. Gino’s work is grounded in storytelling—his desire to subtly communicate a tale, thought, or feeling through playful and sometimes irreverent means. For the Nevermind bottle, he taps the push-pull of wonder, infatuation, passion, and lust for a visual portrayal that complements the pulsating flavors in each bottle. 

 The fruit is sourced from volcanic, gravel, and sandy-clay soils—a trifecta of old-vine terroirs that imbues the wine with a unique character and scents of laurel, juniper, rockrose, and pine. 

Each Cinsault grape was picked for freshness and minerality, early-morning whole-cluster pressed, and fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel.

 Upward Projects exclusive collaboration with Domaine Preignes Le Vieux. Domaine Preigns Le Vieux farms naturally sans pesticides or herbicides. Each plot of vines on the property is considered its own micro-terroir, with a unique cover crop plan adapted to the performance of the vines.

Tasting Notes

Pomegranate, Red Cherry, Rhubarb, Wild Herbs, Sea Salt

Cook at Home

Layered Vegetable Tian, Bouillabaisse With Ample Rouille

Pair with Postino

Smoked Salmon, Almond Hummus & Chopped Tomato Bruschetta, Tuscan Tuna Panini

Listen to This

“Obsessed” by Calvin Harris

Inspire your Inner Creative

Finish your current page-turner on a blanket under the spring sunshine


2021 Barbera-Nebbiolo Piemonte, Italy

Nature is kind of an OG when it comes to artistic expression. So we chose this bottle of vibrant, perfumed Barbera-Nebbiolo, which is named as an ode to a breathtaking peak in the Cottian Alps. This Super-Piedmontese wine embraces the deep color and everyday drinkability of Barbera, but is bolstered by the high-toned, structured, incredibly aromatic complexity of Nebbiolo. 

Piedmont claims a classically continental climate with long hot summers and (in the best vintages) favorable weather deep into fall.  The mix in soils brings vivid acidity and seamless finesse to every sip. Hand-harvested, stainless steel fermented, and aged in large format neutral oak barrels. 

Upward Projects exclusive collaboration with the Sperone family of Franco Serra. Since the early 20th century, the Sperones put heart and soul into wines that represent the remarkable terroir of the Langhe. Fourth generation brother and sister, Andrea and Francesca, passionately carry that torch forward. 

Tasting Notes

Dried Strawberry, Amarena Cherry, Pressed Flowers, Sweet Spice, Underleaf

Cook at Home

Agnolotti del Plin, Steak Tartare

Pair with Postino

Chef’s Charcuterie, Prosciutto di Parma, Fig & Mascarpone Bruschetta, OMG Grilled Cheese

Listen to This

“Greatest Hits” by Jockstrap

Inspire your Inner Creative

Cue the “wine down” after First Friday hijinx 


2021 Red Blend Contra Costa County, California

Just as an artist’s palette needs to be set up with hues that support the vision, this delish old-vine wine’s depth and structure is also supported by a cast of complementary players that make it deep, enveloping, spicy and satisfying. Composed of 64% Carignan, 26% Petit Sirah, 4% Mataro, 4% Cinsault, and 2% Alicante Bouschet, this wine is fermented in stainless steel to preserve each varietal’s unique characteristics. It’s then aged for almost a year in a mix of French and American oak—mostly neutral with a bit of new oak to lend some spice. 

 Contra Costa, Spanish for ‘opposite shore,’ is an American Viticultural Area directly east of San Francisco Bay, within the greater Central Coast AVA. Here, the unique free-draining soils lead to concentrated berries with thick skins, firm tannins, and exceptional structure.

 Upward Projects exclusive collaboration with Three Wine Company. Matt Cline of Three Wine Company has significantly identified and preserved historic vineyard sites in Contra Costa County. Some, planted as long ago as the 1890s, managed to survive phylloxera, prohibition, and urban creep, leading to some of the finest Zinfandel, Carignan, and Mataro-based wines ever produced in California. 

Tasting Notes

Violet, Boysenberry, Kirsch, Scorched Earth, and Black Pepper

Cook at Home

Smoked Brisket, Cheese-Stuffed Portobello Burgers

Pair with Postino

Maitake Mushroom, Skewers, Nine Iron Panini

Listen to This

“My Type” by Saint Motel

Inspire your Inner Creative

Savor while studying your most recent vintage print purchase