Your choice! $60 every quarter or $220 every year (save $20).


Wine Cult is Postino’s premier wine club!

Membership Details

  • A Cult Box, released 4 times a year (quarterly) including 4 hand-picked wines
  • A Sign-Up Gift (Psst... it's $50 at Postino)
  • 20% off of the Postino Bottle Collection To-Go (our collection of primo, boutique wines)
  • Monthly Hook-ups (deals on something to eat, drink, or experience, minimum $10 value that hit your inbox every month)
  • Members-only offers through our Postino Wine Cult app
  • Exclusive access to purchase small-batch wines


  • Every quarter, prior to the Cult Box release, you will be charged your quarterly $60 (+ tax) membership fee
  • In 2023, Cult Box releases will be January, April, July, and October
  • Annual memberships are automatically renewed exactly 1 year following first membership charge
  • More questions? Check out our FAQ page
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